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FS Magazine is the health and life magazine from LGBT HERO Read more

Trans sexual health

If you are trans, this section provides what you need to know to have a fun, fulfilling and safer sex life. Find out about different prevention methods such as PrEP and how and where to get tested for STIs and HIV. Read more

My LGBTQ+ Lambeth

This is your chance to have your voice heard by Lambeth Council to help build a happier, healthier LGBTQ+ community in Lambeth. Read more

The LGBT HERO Positive Pub Crawl | Friday, 01 July 2022

Date: Friday, 01 July 2022 Times and venues: 7-9pm, Soho, London Dress code: Red TIMES & VENUES: King Arm's - 23 Poland Street @ 7pm Duke of Wellington, upstairs bar - Wardour Street @ 8pm Comptons - Old Compton Street @ 9pm Dress code: Wear red (if you feel comfortable). Read more

The truth about LGBTQ+ domestic abuse

LGBT HERO, the national health and wellbeing charity for LGBTQ+ people, recently spoke to 20 LGBTQ+ people about their experiences of domestic abuse over the pat 18 months, particularly during periods of the Coronavirus lockdowns and limited socialising. Read more

#WorldMentalHealthDay2021 - get your Mind Plan

Boost your mental health this #WorldMentalHealthDay with the NHS Mind Plan Read more

World AIDS Day RED RUN 2021

Date – Saturday 27th November 2021 Location – Victoria Park, London (post code is E9 5EG) Read more

Useful websites

Here are some useful websites for gay men in London. Please let us know of any websites you think we should add to this list, or if any of the following links are broken. Read more

Prevention & Support Services

There are a wide number of organisations around London providing support and advice tailored to the LGBT community. Read more

National GUM Clinics

The GMFA website provides up-to-date detailed information about London-based GUM clinics only. Read more

North London Clinics

Here you can find a list of GUM clinics in North London. Read more

West London Clinics

Here you can find a list of GUM clinics in central West London Clinics. Read more

East London Clinics

Here you can find a list of GUM clinics in East London. Read more

South West London Clinics

Here you can find a list of GUM clinics in South West London. Read more

South East London Clinics

Here you can find a list of GUM clinics in South East London Clinics. Read more

Central London Clinics

Here you can find a list of GUM clinics in central London. Read more

Tower Hamlets Clinics

Here you can find a list of clinics in Tower Hamlets. Read more

About GUM clinics

Sexually active gay men should have regular sexual health check-ups at a sexual health or GUM clinic. If you think you have been exposed to HIV or an STI then it’s important to get yourself checked out at a clinic as soon as possible. Read more

Think Again

GMFA launched Think Again in 2014 which aimed to tackle myths about HIV in the gay community. For more information about this campaign please email [email protected] Read more

More To Safer Sex ads

All the ads from the campaign Read more

Why we created 'More To Safer Sex'

Our new campaign, ‘More To Safer Sex’, outlines seven strategies that contribute to a safer sex life. Adopting two or three – or even all seven – of these strategies will make your sex life, and the guy you’re having sex with, safer. Read more

Quick facts: HIV

Facts about HIV Read more

Meet the stars

Meet the stars of Living with HIV Read more

Dear HIV-negative men...

...these HIV-positive men want to talk to you. Read more

Living with HIV: Ruaidhri's journey

As I get that bit older, I tend to find that more things are becoming less important and my sense of taking each day as it comes is becoming far more accessible. Read more

Why we created Living With HIV

GMFA is continuing its strong run of work tackling HIV stigma (‘HIV-Positive Guys Reading Mean Messages’ / HIV Stripped Bare) with a new video which shows gay men who don’t and won't allow stigma to affect their lives. Despite their status they are living their lives to the fullest. Read more

HIV-positive guys reading mean dating app messages

At this year's 'HIV Stripped Bare' photo shoot for FS Magazine, we asked the models taking part to feature in our new video 'HIV-positive Guys Reading Mean Dating App Messages', as part of our continuing battle to help stop HIV stigma. Read more

PART 2: HIV-positive Guys Reading Mean Dating App Messages

We had so many mean messages from gay dating apps, we made a second video. Read more

HIV-positive guys reading mean dating app messages: One year later

Last year's 'HIV-positive guys reading mean dating app messages' video had over 100,000 views in one week. It was covered everywhere from Gay Times, Attitude and Pink News to Buzzfeed, Metro and the Daily Mail. Read more

Why the gay community needs GMFA now more than ever

It’s been nearly 35 years since the first case of AIDS was reported in the UK.  For those of you who can remember, this was a devastating time for the LGBT community. Many saw their friends and loved ones die within a matter of days. Many of those who lost loved ones also lost their own lives to AIDS. Read more

GMFA 25 press release

GMFA - the gay men's health charity is calling on gay men to invest in its future as it celebrates its 25th anniversary Read more

GMFA 25 Timeline

GMFA at 25. A timeline of our work and achievements. Read more

How to survive messy sex

If you were to just go by porn you’d think that anal sex is easy. But anyone who has ever put a cock up a bum will tell you that sometimes it can get messy. Really messy… Read more

No more sex shaming: why my 2017 will be sex-positive

I want to be a ‘slut’. There, I said it. Read more

Fuck your ‘masc4masc’. I’m a magical unicorn.

Growing up, there were a number of times in my teens when I was asked if I was gay. I was trying my hardest not to give away any hints at all, and I was petrified that anyone would find out. Read more

The age of gay men

I have a big birthday coming up and I’m dreading it. Read more

Gay sex uncovered

What would life be without risk? If we didn’t push boundaries or challenge ourselves, it’d be a world of beige walls, sensible shoes, and bland food. Read more