What elections do I need a photo Voter ID for

You’ll now need photo ID to vote in person for:

  • General elections
  • Local elections
  • Police and Crime Commissioner elections
  • UK parliamentary by-elections
  • Recall petitions

Do I need a photo ID to vote by post?

No, you won’t need a photo ID to vote by post. However, there are other identification checks, including verification of your signature and date of birth.  

After three years, you will need to re-apply if you want to continue to vote by post.

To find out how to vote by post here.

From what date do the new rules apply?

The rules around photo Voter ID brought in by the Elections Act were rolled out across England in May 2023, and are already in force. For Londoners the first time these rules apply may be the Mayor of London and London Assembly elections May 2024, or any parliamentary or council by-elections that take place before this.

Can I use any photo ID?

No, to see which forms of ID are accepted for in-person voting, click here.

When is the next election?

The next planned elections in London are the Mayor of London and London Assembly elections in May 2024. Parliamentary or council by-elections may take place before this date.

I cannot afford any photo Voter ID, what can I do?

Free options:

Free Voter Authority Certificate – zero cost photo ID which you can apply for online and is valid for 10 years. 

Disabled and older person’s travel cards – Only available to those who are over a certain age or are disabled. See here for more details on where to apply.

Low-cost options:

PASS card – These cards are part of an Age Standards Scheme and are generally low cost:

Citizencard £15.00, TOTUM Age ID £25.00, My ID card £15.00, OneID4U £14.75

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