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  • Internalised lesbophobia and me

    Do you flinch every time you hear the word ‘lesbian’ even though you identify as one? Read more

  • Loneliness and being LGBTQ+

    What is loneliness? Why are LGBTQ+ people more likely to be lonely? What can you do about loneliness? Find answers to all these questions here. Read more

  • What is ELOP?

    Looking for online counselling tailored for LGBTQ+ people? Look no further than ELOP. Read more

  • What is asexuality?

    Understanding asexuality and dispelling the myths and misconceptions about it. Read more

  • Heroin and opiates

    Heroin is highly addictive and, because users usually inject it, it is important not to share needles in order to avoid passing on HIV and hep C... Read more

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