What is depression?

Depression is common among LGBTQ+ people, where rates are much higher than the general population. Why? Let's find out.



What is anxiety?

What is it? What causes it? Where can I get help?



What is self-harm?

Hey LGBTQ+ people, we need to talk about self-harm!




  • Eating disorders in LBT+ women

    LBT+ women are disproportionately affected by eating disorders. Read more

  • 5 reasons to give online support groups a go

    With the pandemic still limiting the way that we meet each other, it’s likely that online groups will continue to be a big part of how we stay connected with each other. Here are 5 Reasons why you should think about giving them a go: Read more

  • Therapy and me

    I was no stranger to the idea of therapy. One of my closest friends has been in therapy for years, and I’d always admired her ability to articulate her feelings and emotions with other people. Read more

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