LGBT HERO is the national health and wellbeing charity for LGBTQ+ people. Through all our services, we estimate that LGBT HERO directly reaches over 3 million people a year, with up to 6 million interactions through our campaigns, social media, media opportunities. 

Here's what they do: Our site offers information, advice and support in all things LGBTQ+ life to over 900,000 people a year.

FindOut: Is a service finder for LGBTQ+ people living in London. It currently has over 500 entries and you can find anything from sports and social clubs to sexual health services to online support. Over 10,000 people use this services every year.  

Online Peer-Support Forums: LGBT HERO provides an online peer-support forum where LGBTQ+ people can talk, listen and support one another in a non-judgemental way moderated by trained staff and volunteers. Our peer-support forums are visited by over 60,000 people with hundreds of new conversations ever year. 

HangOuts: In 2020, as a response to the COVID pandemic, LGBT HERO set up online peer-support groups for LGBTQ+ people. These support groups work to bring people, who may be feeling isolated, lonely or not connected with the community to come together and talk about all things health and life. Our HangOuts programme has several different groups including support for LGBTQ+ people from minority backgrounds. The HangOuts programmes has supported over 1000 people so far. 

GMFA - the gay men's health project: Probably our most well known service, GMFA was set up in 1992 to tackle the high numbers of gay and bisexual men dying from HIV and AIDS. Today, GMFA provides gay, bisexual and trans men with info, advice and support through and develops social media focused campaigns in a tone that gay men have come to know GMFA for. GMFA also supports men living with HIV through support groups and creating work that helps tackle HIV stigma such as 'The Undetectables'. GMFA currently reaches over 2.2 million people a year.  

FS magazine: FS is published six times a year and offers a voice for gay, bi and trans men as part of a service we deliver through GMFA. FS tackles the harder issues such as alcohol, drugs, chemsex, racism within the gay community, mental health and suicide and general sex and relationship advice. FS is currently read by over 500k people a year and you can download it via the FS app on iOS.

Campaigns: Developing campaigns and materials is a big part of what we do at LGBT HERO. Over the years we have developed 100s of campaigns and 1000s of supportive materials. In the last few years some of our most successful campaigns has been:

Me. Him. Us - a sexual wellbeing campaign for Black and South Asian men - MHU has reached over six million people since its launch in 2018,
Project Happy - a campaign to highlight the high numbers of LGBTQ+ people who die by suicide and our hate crime awareness campaign 'Be an Ally / What next'. Some other notable campaigns we've produced is 'Safer Chems' and 'The Undetectables'.  

Your support will help LGBT HERO to continue to support LGBTQ+. Please consider making a donation. Yasmin Hussain