We are raising funds to support the work of LGBT HERO in the community. They are a great charity that supports over 100,000 LGBTQ+ people a month with trusted information, advice and various types of health & wellbeing support including group, peer and one-to-one. Our people and community are at the heart of who we are so lets help LGBT HERO deliver support to our communities.

LGBT HERO is the national health and wellbeing charity for LGBTQ+ people. Through all their services, they estimate that LGBT HERO directly reaches over 3 million people a year, with up to 6 million interactions through campaigns, social media, media opportunities. 

Here's what they do:

  • FindOut: Is a service finder for LGBTQ+ people living in London.  
  • Online Peer-Support Forums: LGBT HERO provides an online peer-support forum where LGBTQ+ people can talk, listen and support one another in a non-judgemental way moderated by trained staff and volunteers.
  • HangOuts: our HangOuts programme has several different groups including support for LGBTQ+ people from minority backgrounds. The HangOuts programmes has supported over 1000 people so far.  
  • FS magazine: FS is published six times a year and offers a voice for gay, bi and trans men.
  • Campaigns: Developing campaigns and materials is a big part of what we do at LGBT HERO. Over the years we have developed 100s of campaigns and 1000s of supportive materials. In the last few years some of our most successful campaigns has been: Me. Him. Us, Project Happy and Can we HELP.

Your support will help LGBT HERO to continue to support the LGBTQ+ community. Please consider donating.

Kristie Jones