The Lambeth Allies programme is a simple three-step process designed to work flexibly for organisations of any size.

1) Lambeth Allies Training Workshop

Participants will first be booked onto the Lambeth Allies training workshop, a 90-minute training workshop which improves LGBTQ+ literacy and provides practical advice for improving workplace practice.

Sessions are divided into five distinct parts:

  • Identities - sexuality and gender
  • Language and inclusiveness
  • Equalities and the law
  • Safety and crisis managment
  • Action planning

These modules are aimed at providing a broad view of LGBTQ+ experiences, alongside practical advice about how organisations can improve their practice.

2) Sign the Lambeth Allies Code of Conduct

After completing the training participants are asked to sign the Lambeth Allies Code of Conduct. The code is comprised of six simple pledges to the LGBTQ+ community which we participants are asked to integrate into their standard practice.

The six pledges to LGBTQ+ people in Lambeth are as follows. Participants will:

1) Respect your sexuality and gender

2) Use your chosen name and pronouns

3) Challenge discrimination and prejudice

4) Celebrate all LGBTQ+ identities

5) Ensure a safe environment for all

6) Report hate crimes to the authorities

3) Recieive the Lambeth Allies display pack and get listed

Once steps one and two are complete, participants receive the Lambeth Allies display pack. This features a host of materials you can place in your premises that send a clear message of allyship to LGBTQ+ people.

Larger organisations have the option to order an expanded pack featuring more badges and extra display materials for a small fee.

Participants will also be listed on the LGBT HERO website as a Lambeth Ally with their logo and a permalink their website.

What next?

Participating in the programme is a fantastic cost-free method of supporting LGBTQ+ people and should have an immediate impact by allowing your organisation develop an informed approach to safety and create policies that support your staff and users.

Lambeth Allies alumni are offered the opportunity to connect with one another and share knowledge and resources. This is a network provided by LGBT HERO, helping to support your organisation's efforts after the programme has ended.

We are hoping to offer refresher training to any participants 24 months after they first took part in the training programme.

If you have any questions about the Lambeth Allies Programme then feel free to send us an email at [email protected].