Visibility days are part of LGBTQ+ culture because they shine a spotlight on individuals, culture, art, organisations and struggles of minority groups within our community.  

This year we celebrate Transgender Day of Visibility with trans people being discussed, often incorrectly and without consent, by the mainstream media. Today is our opportunity to be visible on our own terms and counter misinformation and fear with the joy we find in being transgender.  

To recognise Trans Day of Visibility 2023, LGBT HERO asked the LGBTQ community to create art around the theme of ‘Trans Joy’. The brief asked for any kind of art such as writing, drawing, painting, sculpture, or music. We also asked for selfies with a sentence or two about why you like being trans. We will be celebrated Trans Day of visibility by meeting over Zoom and talking about our work, as well as sharing some new submissions. 

You can view the gallery as a flip book HERE or download as PDF HERE

Kate Meyher - Photo @katemeyher

This is an image of me behind the turnables at Meadfest in Derbyshire, lost in music and bringing joy, harmony and laughter to the crowd. Music carries so much power, raising spirits and bringing people together.

Janine Booth - Poem @janinebooth

Black boys grown women fighting to survive
In freedom's land are some folks not allowed
To live beyond the age of thirty-five?

Dysphoria and prejudice connive
From gender manacles to funeral shroud
Black boys grown women fighting to survive

Must humans hide or lie to stay alive?
Does Pride now mean our sisters must be proud
Of living past the age of thirty-five?

What torment, hatred, bigotry will drive
Her own hand, or her killer's, baying crowd
Black boys grown women fighting to survive

Conformity proves lethal and deprives
Its deviants whose rights are disavowed
Of life beyond the age of thirty-five

So make the change, the equal dream revive
Go tell the world the truth and say it loud
Black boys grown women fighting to survive
To live beyond the age of thirty-five

Catherine They/Them - Poems


In this vessel
I have traversed the ocean
I have known the tranquil blue
I have felt the tempestuous waves

Yet the captain by the ship 
Nor valiant crew is defined
My entity cannot by bound
By the body wherein I reside

The Captain

I am the captain of this ship
And here are my valiant crew
Our bodies and minds are not constrained
Perhaps we’re not like you

We heed not what the old men said
Of boys in blue and girls in pink
Of straight lines down the middle
And of little room to think

I am the captain of this ship
And here are my valiant crew
Our hearts and minds can be as one
Our love is blessed and true

We heed not what the old men said
Of ladies and of men
Our world is full and beautiful
Our rainbow has no end

I am the captain of this ship
And here are my valiant crew
We strive to be our fullest selves
And live for what is true

We heed not what the old men said
Of what is good or sin 
We know our lives are beautiful
And power comes from within

I am the captain of this ship
And here are my valiant crew
We seek to live a peaceful life
In that, we’re just like you!


I cannot describe the power,
Body and mind singing from the same hymn sheet,
Perhaps not the same part,
But the harmonies are sweet.
I do not much care what you see,
When you look at me,
I exist in the nuance,
Forever between the lines.

Can I stay here?
Heart and mind,
Ever more aligned,
Drumming out the same rhythm.

My joy is real,
My love is beautiful,
My voice is strong and true,
And I’m finally ready to sing!

Joe - Photos

I'm a trans guy 3 years on T. I took this selfie on a bus to show my friend my hat and suddenly realised it was the best photo of me ever. I hope you like it!

I wanted to share the rock climbing photos because I love it and it shows trans people thriving in the real world.

Link - Photo

Piper Bates - Art @piperstrangeart

John C Adams - Photo @johncadamssf

"I love being nonbinary. For me, it is about being entirely myself. Almost all the happy people I've ever met had something in common: they were content with who they were. This is what being nonbinary has given me too. I feel incredibly lucky to have this gender identity and to connect with all the many inspiring people I meet at Trans and Nonbinary groups." Twitter @johncadamssf

Alex Thomas - Digital Art/Photo 

'In this picture I was performing at a queer friendly rave and art night. I bought the vest because Laura Jane Grace wore it. She's a trans woman in band called Against Me. Someone said they liked my beard and general masculinity. That's why I like dressing this way, I feel it gives me the freedom to be seen outside the gender binary.'

Tacey C O'Neil - Photo @densitypoint

It’s #TransDayOfVisibility #TDOV, so here’s a photo of this trans femme enby working at their partner’s parents’ house.

Finally coming out (took 30 years) and being my true self was the right decision but it is getting increasingly scary being out in public: I just want to be able to be me without fear.

Beck Fisher - Photo

I like being me because finally I feel I can stick a middle finger up to the phrases 'you can't do/be that'. I can and I am!

Sara Matharu - Drawing @ohfeelingsmonster

Paula Goodwin - Quote

Ellen Mellor - Writing

Richie Adam - Poem

Thank you so much to everyone who submitted to this beautiful compendium of trans joy!