Signposting can be challenging at the best of times. Lengthy lists of telephones numbers and web addresses are unwieldy and quickly go out of date. That’s why LGBT HERO has created the perfect signposting tool for LGBTQ+ organisations in Greater London: FindOut!

FindOut is powered by Google Maps and contains information about hundreds of services, social groups, and community organisations in the capital. Save your employees and volunteers the hassle of scrolling through clunky spreadsheets with a couple of clicks. From queer tennis clubs to LGBTQ+ aware doctor’s surgeries, FindOut is the place to get that information fast.

The service is free to use, has an intuitive interface, and works on desktop or mobile. Just select the category that best fits your search and you’re off! You can search by category (“sexual health”, “social”, “mental health”), find online-only groups, and even get directions from your location with a single tap.

We want FindOut to make signposting a breeze for LGBTQ+ sector organisations so we’ve created an easy two-page signposting user guide for those who aren’t tech savvy. 


Try out the service for yourself at

We’re always updating each entry and adding new features to the service. We’d love to hear your feedback and if any of our collected information needs updating. Just email [email protected] with your suggestions.