The Lambeth Allies Programme is a simple three-step process: train, sign, display.

Participants will first attend one of our LGBTQ+ awareness training sessions. After doing so, they will the receive and sign the Lambeth Allies Code of Conduct. Upon receipt of this second step, LGBT HERO will then send participants materials they can display in their organisation.


  • Participants commit to sending a number of their employees (minimum 20% of staff for medium / large organisations, a negotiable number for small organisations) to our LGBTQ+ awareness training session. Each session lasts 90 minutes and are conducted online, or in person. Here participants will learn about LGBTQ+ identities, inequalities, the law, crisis management, and how to make a difference to their service users.

        The training module features the following topics:

  1. Gender and sexuality 101
  2. Language and inclusiveness
  3. The Law and equalities
  4. Safety and Crisis management
  5. Practical improvements


  • After the training is complete participants then sign the Lambeth Allies Code of Conduct, which contains six simple commitments. These include respecting everyone's sexuality and gender identity, using correct pronouns, and creating a welcoming environment.


  • For completing the programme participants receive beautiful a pack of visual materials to display in their organisation in windows, on desks, or on walls. These clearly show visitors that the participant has completed the programme and that the organisation is allied with the LGBTQ+ community. 

After completing the programme your organisation will also be listed on the Lambeth Allies page which is visible to the public. This includes a rainbow windowcling print and certificate showing that you have completed the training and signed the code of conduct.

Sign up

To sign up your business to the Lambeth Allies Programme you can fill in the form below or email [email protected]. We will quickly contact you to arrange your training session. We're happy to answer any questions you may have.