London Friend is the UK’s oldest LGBTQ+ charity, providing mental health and wellbeing support to our city’s communities. Volunteer-led, their skilled, reliable, and judgement-free teams have been delivering life-changing work to LGBTQ+ Londoners since 1972.

Mental health and wellbeing services offered by London Friend


London Friend offer a range of groups, including:

  • coming out support
  • social groups and activities
  • trans and non-binary support
  • and more.


  • Structured one-to-one sessions with a trained counsellor

Drug and alcohol support

  • one-to-one and group support through our Antidote service whether you want to cut down or stop completely

Visit for more details and information on how to self-refer for their services.

Drug and alcohol support services offered by London Friend

London Friend runs Antidote, the UK’s largest LGBTQ+ run and targeted drug and alcohol support service. They are here to give free, non-judgemental information and support delivered by highly trained staff and volunteers – all of whom identify as LGBTQ+, and who have a good understanding of the pressures and problems that come with drug or alcohol use and chemsex.

The services include:

  • Harm reduction information
  • One-to-one key working to address immediate drug and alcohol support needs
  • Group work, including chemsex groups
  • Referral to our counselling service
  • Partnership work with sexual health clinics

Visit Antidote for more details and information on how to self-refer for their services.

How to access London Friend's services 


For people looking for counselling, they should email [email protected] and, if counselling is appropriate, they will meet you for an initial assessment interview from which together you can agree an appropriate way forward.

Social and support groups

Visit London Friend's support groups page for a current list of groups and events.

Alcohol and support services

For more information and referrals to drop-in services visit the Antidote hub or email [email protected]

Who should access London Friend’s services?

Everyone needs help and support at some point in their life: whether it is for mental health, sexual health, to address concerns about alcohol and drug use or just someone to talk to, we are here to support you.

London Friend's services are developed to improve the health and mental well-being of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex or Queer people and we work to be there when people need them most.

Their services are delivered by trained LGBT volunteers and staff.

How can London Friend's services help me?

There are many ways London Friend provide support:

General information

View London Friend's full list of services at

Telephone: 020 7833 1674

Email: [email protected]