Be clear about what you want

Think about the kind of sex you want to have and be clear in your own mind of what your boundaries are.

Be clear what your limits are - On Grindr/Scruff/etc. and on websites, state clearly what you are up for. If you're not sure what the guy you are chatting to is into, then ask him. If you’re not into the same things then consider giving him a miss, or be clear about what you're not willing to do before meeting.

Find out what type of chill out you're going to - Find out what the chill out/after-party is about. Is it bareback? Condoms only? Fetish? Check before you go, so you don’t end up barebacking when you don’t want to bareback or being spanked when you don’t want to be spanked.

Only do what you enjoy - If you don’t want to blow, bum or do another bump, then you can say no. You’re not a ‘party pooper’ for saying no and you won’t hurt anyone’s feelings. Besides, in a group situation there’s plenty for them to choose from anyway. The more comfortable you are with what you’re doing, the more fun you’ll have.

You can change your mind - Just because you've started, it doesn't mean you have to finish. If you're getting fucked and you have stopped enjoying it, you can tell them to stop. Remember, saying no doesn't make you a 'cock tease'. It's your body and you decide what happens. 

Know what you're mixing

Crystal might make you mega-horny and G might make you up for anything and anyone, but taking them together might make you forget where you are and who you are - some chems affect people in different ways. 

If you’re taking all kinds of chems, know how each one affects you. Get the dosing right and make sure any combinations you’re taking actually make you feel good. If they don't, then maybe it’s time to cut back on one or stop taking the other.