Sometimes when people take too much G they go into a ‘G-sleep’, where they pass out. If you see this happening to someone you're with (even if you're in a big group) make sure you look after them. The sooner you notice, the more help you can help be to them.

Put them in the recovery position

If someone passes out they need to be put into the recovery position. This helps them breathe and stops them choking if they get sick when they are lying down.

Make sure you know how to put someone in recovery position:

  • kneel on the floor on one side of them
  • place the arm nearest you at a right angle to their body with their hand upwards towards the head
  • tuck their other hand under the side of their head, so that the back of their hand is touching their cheek
  • bend the knee farthest from you to a right angle
  • roll the person onto their side carefully by pulling on the bent knee
  • the top arm should be supporting the head and the bottom arm will stop you rolling them too far
  • open their airway by gently tilting their head back and lifting their chin, and check that nothing is blocking their airway
  • stay with them and monitor their breathing and pulse continuously until help arrives
  • turn the person on their other side after 30 minutes

Get more information about first aid and the recovery position

Call an ambulance

If someone has passed out and you can’t wake them then they need to go to hospital.

Don’t be put off from calling an ambulance because you have illegal drugs. Paramedics aren’t police. Their concern is with making sure people get medical attention.

Calling an ambulance will not result in the police being called.

Put someone in the recovery position while you are waiting for the ambulance.

Don't let anyone have sex with them

If you notice someone who isn’t in control of what’s happening to them, make sure you look after them so they don’t end up involved in sex without their knowing about it.

If you’ve been to a chill out and can’t remember what happened, and are worried you might have had sex you can’t remember, then you might need PEP.