Sex toys can be a fun addition to a party but before you play here's what you need to know about keeping your toys in top condition.

How do I keep them clean?

Sex toys should come with instructions on how to wash and store them properly. Some have pieces with batteries that can’t be cleaned with water - don’t ruin your vibrator.

For parts which can get wet, use hot water and soap and wash thoroughly.

Wash the toys after using them on yourself and wash them every time you use them on another guy.

Germs can live in scratches and cracks on toys and can be infectious, even if you can’t see them. 

Can I get STIs or HIV from a sex toy?

If a sex toy has been up the arse of one guy, and has blood or anal mucus on it, and it's then used on another guy it can lead to the transmission of STIs and even HIV.

Make sure sex toys are cleaned to avoid STI infections.

Can sex toys make me bleed?

Some sex toys can make you bleed. Blood can also get on toys through sores or abrasions in the arse. These are more likely to occur in people who have been getting fucked or fisted for long periods of time, especially if they are using chems which numb the body to pain. 

Hepatitis C is primarily spread through blood. If a toy has blood on it (even if you can't see it) it can be infectious until properly cleaned.

Make sure sex toys are cleaned to avoid hepatitis infections.

Should I use a condom on a sex toy?

If toys are the right shape and size, covering them with a condom – making sure you put a new condom on if you’re using it with different guys - will also help prevent the transmission of STIs, including hepatitis and HIV.

You can get extra large condoms if your toy is of the big variety.

Photo by Tincho Franco on Unsplash