Don’t stand by if you witness a hate crime. Be an ally.

Here at LGBT HERO we're launching this brand-new campaign to tackle LGBTQ+ hate crime and help those who have experienced LGBTQ+ hate crime. The online ads, which will feature on all social media platforms, asks those who have witnessed a hate crime committed towards a LGBTQ+ person to step in and support them.

The brand new campaign aims to establish a simple three-step process for allies helping someone who has experienced a hate crime:

  1. If it’s safe, check they are OK
  2. Ask if they want help getting somewhere safe
  3. Ask if they want to call someone or report it

Hate crime against LGBTQ+ people are on the rise. According the Home Office, homophobic and transphobic hate crimes have increased by 19% and 16% respectively in the past year. By providing information for allies, as well as victims of hate crime, LGBT HERO hopes to bring people of all sexualities and gender identities together in tackling this surge of prejudice.

Ian Howley, Chief Executive of LGBT HERO says, “Over the last several years we have seen a huge increase in hate crime towards LGBTQ+ people, especially for those within the trans community, with many lives being changed forever. This is something we shouldn’t accept this as part of a modern society and need to fight this. However, we can’t do this on our own and need allies to step up and help us stop LGBTQ+ hate crime.

“Our new campaign has a simple message, if you see someone experiencing a hate crime follow the following steps, if it’s safe, check to see if they are OK, ask if they want help and suggest going to a safe space, ask if they want to report the incident and finally don’t ignore hate crimes. There is strength in numbers and if more people come together to tackle LGBTQ+ hate crime we can reverse these high numbers.”

The campaign will also help advise LGBTQ+ people who have experienced hate crime about their options going forward, whether that’s how to report the crime, talking to someone for support or how best to approach the incident.

Ian Howley says, “While we are asking for allies to step up it’s also important that LGBTQ+ people who experience hate crimes find their way forward and know what options are open to them. As part of this campaign we have launched a new hub that offers information and support to people who have experienced hate crime incidents. It will provide information from how to report a hate crime to seeking help and support if needed.”