LBT Women's Health Week 2020 has arrived. For the next seven days we'll putting the health and wellbeing lesbian, bisexual, and trans women under the microscope, and thinking about the unique challenges LBT women face.

Queer women have it tough. In terms of mental health, LBT women are worse off than almost any minority group, with high rates of depression, anxiety, self harm, and suicidality. When it comes to physical health, their needs are not understood, or are overlooked by a health system which can make them feel invisible.

And then there are the many other inequalities which are caused by, and also feed into, this disparity between LBT women and their cis and heterosexual counterparts: higher rates of drug and alcohol abuse, smoking, domestic violence all contribute to poorer health.

It's for these reasons, and many more, that we're taking part in LBT Women's Health Week 2020. All week we'll be posting new content targeted at the specific health and life issues that matter to you.

More importantly, we're opening up a specific space for you to share your stories. A new board has opened up on the OutLife Forums for #LBTWomensHealth20, but will be staying open permanently. The board is a place for you to talk, share, and maybe even make some new connections.


It's only by shining a light on inequalities that we can make a change. Let's do it together. 

Want to have your story shared on the main LGBT HERO site? Send it to us via email to [email protected] with the title "LBT Women's Health Week".