Do something wonderful this World AIDS Day and support a service where your donation WILL make an impact.

Now, more than ever, we all recognise the importance of interaction and community. Whether it's in person or online, having a support network has never been more vital.

That's what we want to do for people living with HIV. We want to continue to create safe and supportive spaces for LGBTQ+ people living with HIV, both online through our website and forums, and in person through support groups and social events, such as our renowned Positive Pub Crawl.

For this year's World AIDS Day, which falls on 1 December, we are asking you to kindly support us and help keep this important work going and GROWING. About 20% of our funds comes from community support. Without your donations we can't continue or expand this work.

Your donation will also help support our unfunded HIV prevention and HIV stigma work, including Me. Him. UsThe Undetectables, FS magazine, The Positive Pub Crawl and the upcoming Sexual Wellbeing project, as well as COVID-safe online innovations to provide help and support for our community.

GMFA currently reaches over 2 million people a year, signposts hundreds and thousands of people to mental and sexual health services and provides peer-support and groupwork to hundreds of people. Your contribution will make an impact!

Improving gay and bisexual men's health by increasing the control they have over their own lives. GMFA is brought to you by LGBT HERO.