The London Titans FC are back as team #Robbed: Done Dirty to fight to be Sports Day 2022 champions, and we need your help to reach our fundraising goal of £500. The money raised goes to LGBT HERO in support of mental health and wellbeing services. 

Quite simply there was a miscarriage of justice in 2021, a trauma we have held onto for nigh on 365 days, our hands bloodied from the Tug of War, a grown man dressed as a questionable owl and a points tally which didn’t match results. We are here to avenge Sports Day, to prove our worth and yes, raise money for charity and make tits of ourselves in the process. Justice for the Sports Day 5!

Just to reinforce our message, this year’s team theme will be manifestations of high profile historical figures we consider to have been done dirty. Remember when Deirdre Barlow was sent to Weatherfield Penitentiary for crimes actually committed by Jon Lindsay? We do! Remember the Peru 2 with their cute doughnut rings and matching suitcases? We’re not entirely sure that was a miscarriage of justice but camp to dress up as the gals all the same.

All this and more, so please give us your money for LGBT HERO to legitimise how ridiculous what I’ve just written is

We’re a group of players from the London Titans FC, an LGBTQ+ football club sponsored by The Two Brewers. We’ve been competing in the Sports Day for a decade now, and as a club we are committed to charitable giving as part of our ethos, having raised over £40,000 for various charities, including LGBT HERO, in that time. Get Carol Vorderman involved, Pride of Britain ready.

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