What are LGBTQ+ youth groups? 

LGBTQ+ youth groups are a chance to meet other people with similar interests, take part in part in projects and learn new skills. Throughout the UK LGBTQ+ youth groups are for young people ages 11 – 25, although this can vary. They are designed for people who want to meet others like them, who prefer sober spaces instead of clubs, or who might want help accessing other services such as mentoring or mental health support alongside attending the group.

Activities are chosen by the people who attend, but typically a group might involve discussions, watching documentaries, playing games, making art, and going on trips. LGBTQ+ youth groups are free and confidential spaces, how this works depends on your age and will be explained to you when you join.  

What will it be like? 

Every LGBTQ+ youth group is different, if you have questions about how many people attend or the demographics like age and genders of the group ask your first point of contact within the organisation and they should be able to help you. At the group, any name and pronoun you choose will be respected and you will not be expected to discuss your gender and sexuality if you don’t want to. You don’t have be "in need" to access a group but many people who go to youth groups do get referred to other services. If you experience anxiety, social anxiety, other mental health issues, have learning difficulties, disabilities or you are autistic the youth workers at the group will be experienced in making sure you get what you need and can take part in groups comfortably. Many LGBTQ+ youth groups have quiet spaces and fidget toys.  

You can find a data base of social groups including youth groups LGBT Consortium Website.  

London Based Groups  

  • Gendered Intelligence – delivers youth groups and parent support.  
  • CASPA – Bromley based charity proving support and social activities of neurodiverse people. They run an LGBTQ+ group online and in person, and an online support group for parents of LGBTQ+ neurodiverse young people.  
  • Elop – Offer youth groups and other services in London.  
  • Mosaic – Mosaic offers groups and support for young people, parents and training for professionals. 
  • METRO Charity – METRO Charity run LGBTQ+ and trans youth groups for under 25s living in London and Kent (trans group is online).  
  • Free2b Alliance – Free2b Alliance run LGBTQ+ youth groups based in Clapham.  
  • StudentSpectra - StudentSpectra  provide youth groups and counselling for young people (13-18) who identify as LGBTQ+ or are questioning their gender or sexuality. 

UK Wide LGBTQ Youth Groups and LGBTQ Youth Support 

  • Mermaids – Mermaids offer phone support and webchat for transgender people 19 and under and their families. They also run monthly groups for young people and parents.  
  • All Sorts Youth Project – Brighton based LGBTQ+ youth groups for 5 – 25 year olds.  
  • Albert Kennedy TrustSupports young homeless LGBT people and can support you if you are facing homelessness or have a hostile home environment.  
  • Terrance Higgins Trust - Provides information about LGBTQ+ sexual health, long term condition management, clinical services and health improvement.  
  • The Proud Trust - is a charity for LGBTQ+ young people based in Manchester and run some youth groups online.