Sexual wellbeing is the link between our mental health and our sexual health. When our mental health is impacted, then our sex lives can be impacted too.  

When we feel good then sex can be incredible, but when we feel down, then our sex lives and sexual wellbeing can be impacted. It can impact relationships, how we interact with people sexually, it can affect our mental wellbeing and our sexual health. When you feel down or bad about yourself, you’re more likely to make risky choices when it comes to your sexual health.  

The LGBT HERO Sexual Wellbeing Hub will look at the different ways our sexual wellbeing can be affected and offer help and advice about how we can make positive changes to look after all aspects of our health. The sexual wellbeing hub will look at: 

Body confidence

Body image

Sexual self-esteem



We will offer information, help and advice where possible and provide links and numbers for services of you need further help. 

The LGBT HERO Sexual Wellbeing hub can help us make a positive change to our sex lives and mental health. Then we can pass that knowledge on to others.