Measure your G carefully

One dose = 1 to 1.5mls
Just an extra 0.5mls over and you can overdose.

Get the right equipment for dosing:

Glass eye droppers/pipette: you can buy these online. Some hold 1.5mls exactly. 

syringes: empty syringes can be used to measure accurately. Burrell Street now supply syringes specifically to dose G. WARNING: Take the needles out.

It is always safest to dose G with an implement with measuring guides/lines.

Mix it properly

Make sure that you mix the G properly with your drink, otherwise you can burn your mouth or your throat.

Use a soft drink or fruit juice, as it doesn't taste great.

Don’t mix it with alcohol as this makes you much more likely to overdose and pass out.

If you're using G in a club, try not to dose it in your mouth without mixing with a drink properly, as you can easily burn your mouth or throat that way.

Time your doses

Leave plenty of time between each dose - at least 2 hours.

Taking more before that could lead to an overdose.

Make a note of when you've taken it. It’s easy to lose track of time when using G so take a screen shot on your phone at the time you used G, so you remember when you took it or set your alarm.

If you don't measure and time your doses properly you could end up unconscious or dead

Other things to consider...

G is addictive

  • Avoid becoming physically dependent - stick to less than 15mls a day and don’t use for more than 2 days in a row.
  • Anxious, sweaty or shaky? - when the G wears off and you find you're starting to feel anxious, sweaty or shaky don't have any more, as it's sign you're becoming physically dependent. Take a break from G for a while – at least a few weeks if you can.
  • If you're dependent it's dangerous to suddenly stop - if soon after stopping taking G you experience extreme anxiety, insomnia and tremors and/or become delirious you may be dependent and should seek professional help to medically manage getting off G.

Test the strength of the batch

  • Each batch of G can be different – if you’re getting it from a new source, use a smaller dose at first to test it.
  • If it’s stronger than you’re used to, you’re more likely to overdose.

Be careful if you’re mixing with other chems

  • Don’t mix it with alcohol as this makes you much more likely to overdose and pass out.
  • Avoid mixing with Viagra and poppers as they can slow your heart down too much.
  • Avoid mixing with meph and crystal as they speed up the heart and can be dangerous, as G slows down the heart.

Tell someone you’re taking it

  • Even though you might be with people who are using G too, it’s best to let someone know when you’re taking it.
  • If you need medical attention after taking G, the paramedics need to know what you’ve been taking so that they can help you properly.

Keep an eye on how you (and others) are feeling

  • It’s easy to get off your face on G and lose track of what you’re doing – make sure the people you’re with are looking out for each other, in case anyone is sick or falls unconscious.