We had so many mean messages from gay dating apps, we made a second video.

The response to the first video has been phenomenal, with over 100,000 views on YouTube alone within a week. 

The reaction and the support for the guys taking part in the video has also blown our, and their, minds. People have really got behind these boys and GMFA’s campaign to stop HIV stigma.

However, there's also been some not so nice comments, rivalling even the 'mean messages', and some comments that clearly shows why education around HIV is sorely needed.

"HIV should never be normlalised," one wrote, "it is a deadly transmittable disease that can be avoided if people are taught to be wary of it. People asking "are you clean" are doing the right thing and protecting their own health, f**k the wording of it."

"Quit acting like it's a completely normal thing. HIV fucks up humans and people are right to avoid these guys like the plague," said another commenter.

One viewer of the video was still confused about HIV works, "What do they mean when they say it's undetectable? (Charlie Sheen said the same thing) And not being rude but the guy that said he's still promiscuous, is he telling everyone he's with that he has it? (I think it's illegal if you don't share that info with a partner but I dunno)."

Comments like this show the fight to stop HIV stigma and educate people about the virus is far from over. Through our work we have found that by explaining what it means to be undetectable, by informing gay men of the range of ways that they can protect their own health and the health of their partners and by educating about the benefits of testing and early diagnosis we can change attitudes and behaviour. We believe that we can and we will stop HIV stigma.

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