We want our resources to be produced by the community, for the community. Who better to put at the heart of a project for LBT+ women and non-binary folk than the very people that project will serve.

Our action panel has guided the process from start to finish: identifying the needs of the community, deciding which resources are most vital, and even writing and editing much of the material themselves. We're so incredibly happy and proud to have them on board, as the project would have been impossible without their skills, knowledge, and dedication.

So without further ado, meet our elite wellbeing squad!

Sacha (she/her) is a 32 year old queer woman who experiences mental illnesses including bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder.

The little things that bring her joy include good books, movies and tv show, even more so if they feature a WLW couple who actually stay alive. She also enjoys "smashing the white cis het patriarchy" and languages.

Recently she's been teaching herself Japanese, but also translating while also translating and editing French to English.

Emma (she/they) is a content creator and broadcast journalist, working in digital marketing. 

They love getting involved in projects within the LGBT+ community and are passionate about making queer spaces more inclusive, particularly for trans and non binary people. 

They also enjoy music, pop culture and cheesy 90’s boybands, and one day want to help the UK win Eurovision (maybe).

Kaede Rende (they/he) is a recent graduate of Arcadia University from the Greater Philadelphia Area. Kaede previously served as an intern for LGBT HERO in 2020, and was happy to continue remote work for this project from the States. Beginning in August 2021, they will be pursuing their MEd in Higher Education Management at the University of Pittsburgh.