GMFA at 25. A timeline of our work and achievements. 

It’s been 25 years since GMFA was formed. In 1992, a group of gay men got together and decided that not enough was being done to tackle HIV and AIDS in the gay community. Back then we lived in a very different world, and there was no functional medication. When gay men were diagnosed with HIV, many were told to start planning for their deaths. This was the stark reality in 1992. Many of the founding members of GMFA lived through some of the toughest times our community has ever seen. Others never got to see past the first few years of GMFA.

Then in 1996, life for gay men living with HIV changed. New treatment meant that for the first time we could control the virus and many of those living with HIV could now plan for a future. During this time, GMFA led the way with hard-hitting and often sexy and sexual campaigns. These were campaigns created by gay men, for gay men. They spoke to gay men in a language that explained how to remain HIV-negative in a way that made it simple to understand. This was an effective approach and our methods not only stopped gay men from becoming HIV-positive but stopped lots of men from dying from the virus too.

GMFA, in many ways led the way. Back in the early 2000 some of our campaigns talked about gay men living with HIV not being able to pass on the virus due to effective medication. In 2011 we were one of the first organisation to publicly talk about PrEP in our 'Count Me In' booklet. But it's not just HIV where GMFA has made an impact. Back in 2002 we launched FS - the gay men's health magazine. FS has done what no other magazine could and tackled some of the harder issues head on, such as racism on the gay scene, mental health and suicide, chemsex and HIV stigma in our community. 

Over the last 25 years, we have been part of the community effort to end HIV once and for all. Our work inspired others to become volunteers, activists and leaders in fighting HIV. 

So to celebrate all that GMFA has achieved since 1992, here's a timeline of some of our stand out campaigns over the last 25 years. 

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