GMFA - the gay men's health charity is calling on gay men to invest in its future as it celebrates its 25th anniversary

GMFA - the gay men’s health charity has launched a fundraising appeal to celebrate its 25th anniversary by asking the gay community to invest in its future. GMFA, originally called ‘Gay Men Fighting AIDS’, was formed on 31 March 1992 by a group of gay men who saw that there was a lack of resources specifically for people like themselves.

Ian Howley, Chief executive of GMFA says; “Over the last 25 years, GMFA has been at the forefront of innovative measures of HIV prevention. Since 1992, GMFA has provided frank and honest information about HIV, STI and safer sex. We’ve also supported gay men living with HIV and led with powerful HIV stigma campaigns. We reach over 1.5 million people through our website alone. Our campaigns have a social reach of over 4 million. And our FS magazine is leading the way by highlighting issues that gay men face on a daily basis.”

Ian continues: “But times are changing and the needs of gay men are changing too. Along with the worries of HIV and STIs, chemsex is becoming a major part of some gay men’s lives, many of which are not able to deal with the affects these drugs bring. We are also seeing an increase of self-esteem and self-worth issues. Depression and suicide are all too frequent within our community. And in 2017, this is not acceptable.”

Ian, talking about why GMFA is launching an appeal, said; “GMFA has no statutory funding, so as we enter our 25th year, we are launching an appeal to raise £25,000 in order to ensure that our vital work for gay men continues for many years to come and more health inequalities are addressed.”

“GMFA wants to stop HIV. GMFA wants to stop HIV stigma. GMFA wants to make sure chemsex does not ruin lives. GMFA wants to improve the mental health of gay men. And GMFA wants to stop gay men from feeling like suicide is the best option for them.”

“GMFA is the biggest gay men’s health charity this country knows. Please don’t let the history of GMFA die. Let us survive, thrive and let’s work together to create a better future for you, your partners, friends and for any young boy sitting in his room wondering if he is gay. Make sure he grows up in a world where being gay is not a health inequality but grows up to become a happy and healthy gay man.”

“The future of GMFA is uncertain, but we believe that we are the best in this sector to help gay men take control of their own lives. And we do this as five men sitting in an office with the help and support of our volunteers and donors,” says Ian Howley.