FS magazine surveys tend to attract and be taken by gay and bisexual men, however our latest survey about fetish had an unprecedented LGBTQ+ female response — 278 of the 1,350 respondents were women.

According to the survey, the top fetishes for women are:

  1. Spanking - 77%
  2. Bondage - 77%
  3. Tattoos and piercings - 57%
  4. Masters and slaves - 47%
  5. Underwear - 30%
  6. Leather - 26%
  7. Suits - 25%
  8. Smokers - 24%
  9. Muscle - 20%
  10. Trackies - 13%
  11. Dungeon - 13%
  12. Fisting - 12%
  13. Fighting - 12%
  14. Punks - 12%
  15. Military - 9%
  16. Watersports - 9%
  17. Hoods and masks - 9%
  18. Chastity - 9%
  19. Bikers - 8%
  20. Cock and ball torture - 7%
  21. Rubber - 6%
  22. Skinheads - 5%
  23. Boots - 5%
  24. Pups and handlers - 5%
  25. Feet - 5%
  26. Sports gear - 4%
  27. Gunge - 1%


We asked how they got into their fetishes.

Carlie, 19,  from Edinburgh is into bondage, masters and slaves, spanking and underwear. “I got into it through watching porn I guess. I was experimenting watching porn. I knew it was something that I liked. At first I felt ashamed but now if I’m in a close relationship I’m not afraid to share my interests.”

“My friends and I were having a discussion about it,” explains, Poppy, 18, from Southampton, “and I got really turned on by the thought of being dominated. I just explored it from there on.”

Aishling from Ireland learned about fetish from porn. “I’d see examples of fetishes that I was into and others that I wasn’t into and I was able to see what they were like.”

Allie also explored the same way: “I found a video online of a girl being tied up and spanked and I thought that it would be something I would like to do. Regular sex tends to bore me.”


What was the first time trying their fetish like?

”I was on an app that was anonymous and I met a master who was looking for a slave,” Carlie, 19, told us. “I decided to give it a try and I really enjoyed it but as the relationship of master/slave went on the commands got more intense and I realised some of the things I didn’t agree with so I had to end the relationship.”

Poppy tells us about her first experience with her fetish: “Me and my partner had a discussion about it and we both agreed it would be very light BDSM. It was an exhilarating experience and each time we’ve stepped it up a level it has always been amazing. Now we’re thinking of converting a room into a play room!”


You may be into something but it doesn’t always go right.

Kisha from Nottingham told us: “My ex pretended he was into fetishes but he was just saying it without realising what it actually meant. I told him that I enjoyed being gagged and bitten/sucked. He got the wrong idea and when he went to give me a hickey on my neck, he sucked so hard that he actually drew blood from my neck. And then he thought that my idea of ‘gagging’ was having my head pushed down when sucking dick when I just meant I like a little bondage. He pushed my head so far down I puked everywhere.”

“I met a woman online who was into bondage but also was dominant,” says Carlie. “When we got round to meeting she was very mean to begin with. There were no rules set and she definitely didn’t know what she was doing.”

“My worst fetish experience was when I was single and decided to go for a hook-up,” explains Poppy. “I didn’t think it’d involve anything but the usual suck and fuck until he started pissing in my mouth without my consent. I spat it out over his bed and went to find some mouthwash before leaving. Nasty.”


Sometimes a fetish can keep you connected.

“I’ve met friends,” says Aishling from Ireland. “Yeah, certain friends have the same festishes and we’ll go through it when we’re together.”

Lexi from Nottingham has got more than a hook-up from her fetishes: “I have begun relationships based around the fetish.”

“Most of my friends are from the kink community,” says Quinn, 24, from Dublin.


Is there any difference between men and women when it comes to fetishes? Looking at the stats and asnwers of both male and female respondents, there’s clearly a commonality between their views on fetish. Fetishes around control lead the way for both. While men seems to be into a lot more than women, there is definatley a fetish scene for women, especially lesbian, bisexual and trans women.

Ian Howley, Chief Executive of HERO - Health Equality and Rights Organisation says, “Right now the fetish scene in the gay community is dominated by men and their needs. The fact so many women wanted to take this survey shows us that there is a community being overlooked. We must do more to make sure lesbian, bisexual and trans women’s fetish needs are met too. Fetish is not just a man’s world.