As well as broken hearts and emotional turmoil, a cheating partner can bring home STIs.

This is especially problematic for couples who’ve chosen to not use condoms with each other. As part of the infidelity survey we asked if you had ever got an STI from an unfaithful partner. 26% of the men surveyed said yes.

We also asked them what STI diagnosed with:



27% - CRABS



9% - HIV




1% - HEP A/B/C

1% - HPV

How did they find out that they had picked up something unwanted from their partner? “My ex had sex with other guys a couple of times,” says Frank, 42. “He ended up with an STI and then had to tell me.”

“I had a discharge and had to go to the clinic where I was diagnosed with gonorrhoea,” says AP, 41.

“I then informed my partner and we had to have a discussion where he admitted having unprotected sex with another man.”

“I went to get a check-up and was diagnosed with gonorrhoea,” says Ben, 54. “I had only had sex with my partner. I found out he had been treated also but hadn’t told me, hoping I wouldn’t catch it too.”

“Unbelievably I got hep A from my now ex cheating,” says Jacob, 57. “He still denies he had sex with anyone else or that he had done drugs. He can’t explain how he got it. But he did get it and passed it on to me. There was no other explanation.”

“It was some time after we split. I was having an all round stressful time and hadn’t slept with anyone else since him,” says Cian, 32. “I came out in a couple of weird abscesses, but I put them down to stress. I decided to get myself tested before I put myself back out there and discovered I had contracted syphilis.”

“He was diagnosed with HIV after we split,” says Lindsay, 58. “I had a new partner by this time, the first sexual partner since we split. His diagnosis prompted myself and my new partner to test. I was positive and my new partner negative.”

We at FS can sympathise with anyone who has contracted HIV or an STI from a partner, but we highly recommend that all sexually active people, where monogamous or open relationships, get tested for HIV and STIs at least twice a year. It’s not nice to find a partner has passed on an STI to you but your health must come first.