How can alcohol affect my health?
For many of us alcohol has a relaxing effect and helps us feel more sociable. It puts our guard down and makes us confident and chatty, especially in situations when we otherwise wouldn’t be, like getting down on the dance floor or chatting up the hot guy across the bar. Even though downing a few glasses can make us feel bubbly and friendly, alcohol is in fact a depressant drug so if you're feeling down it could end up making you feel even worse. Getting really drunk can put you in situations where you have less or no control. This can lead you to have unsafe sex and potentially put you or your partners at risk of STIs or HIV. Alcohol also tends to make people hornier, but sometimes it can make you less able to get and keep an erection during sex.

Can I mix alcohol with other drugs?
Even though it’s not advisable, alcohol is often mixed with other drugs. Because it’s a depressant, mixing alcohol with other depressants such as Ketamine and GHB/GBL is particularly dangerous. Too many suppressants slow down your normal body functions, like your heart rate and breathing, and may cause you to go into a coma. If you use alcohol, make sure you pace yourself and avoid combining it with other drugs, especially Ketamine and GHB/GBL.