To register for SESSION 3: The ups and downs of Christmas, navigating the festive period, and finding joy in the holidays click HERE. THIS SESSION IS ONLINE ONLY.

What is this group?

HangOuts 50+ is a new group for LGBTQ+ people who live/work/socialise in Lambeth to come together and connect with one another in a safe and friendly non-judgemental environment. 

Why is this group needed?

Being LGBTQ+ and over 50 years old can be a challenge as a lot of LGBTQ+ culture is focused with being young and partying which is fine for younger people but we know as we get older we want more and to meet people in different ways. This last couple of years has made things harder and lots of us have struggled with feeling lonely or disconnected from our communities.

To help you feel more connected with each other we’re starting this FREE new group. We hope you’ll be able to meet with other LGBTQ+ people over 50 to chat, share stories, make new friends and hopefully have fun.

What happens at the group?

The groups will usually have a topic or a theme, which will help us get the conversation going and we’ll meet in Brixton one session and then online for the following session. There will be a total of about 8 sessions, and you don’t need to come to all of them to take part.

Why are some online and some offline? 

This is for two reasons, first as this is a new group we want to see what works and doesn't work. Some people are more confortable with doing online groups, some prefer face-to-face groups. Also we are aware of the situation with COVID and we don't want people who are uncomfortable in group settings to miss out. This allows us to see if this approach works and hopefully help sustain the group past the 8 sessions. 

What do I need to attend the online groups?

All you needs is a smart phone, tablet or computer. We will hold the online sessions via Zoom. 

What about the offline sessions?

They will be held in the LGBT HERO offices in Brixton, London. It's very close to the tube station and Brixton has lots of great transport links. The building is secure and safe and you will be made feel comfortable. 

Who will run the groups?

The groups will be hosted by Kuljit, who currently runs LGBT HERO's online social groups for minority backgrounds. He's very friendly and is happy to talk with anyone before they attend the group if you want to ask some questions. 

How do I register?

You can either register via the link below or call us on 020 7738 6872 and we'll take your details and give you all the info you need. 


16/12/2021 - The ups and downs of Christmas, navigating the festive period, and finding joy in the holidays

In this group we'll talk about Christmas time as an older LGBTQ+ person, and how we can enjoy the holiday as much as possible. There will also be time and space to talk about the challenges we face when the festive season arrives. We will provide a relaxed safe space to talk about lots of other things too. 

Click here to register:

 or email [email protected] for more information.

This group is funded by Lambeth Council as part of a trail for its Whole System Approach programme for LGBTQ+ people who live, work or socialise in Lambeth.