50+ HangOuts is a friendly and welcoming, twice monthly online social and support group for older LGBTQ+ people. We meet on Zoom, the 2nd and last Tuesday of the month, 7pm - 8.30pm. (times may vary)

Topic: Let's talk about 'Queer Neurodiversity' - Tuesday 27th August (7 - 8.30pm)

Format: Discussion

Let’s explore what is to be Queer and Neurodiverse. Is Neurodivergence more common in the LGBTQ+ community than it is among cisgender, heterosexual people. Should we be celebrating neurodiversity, so we can create a more diverse and inclusive innovative society that values the unique perspectives and strengths of all individuals. What neurodiverse superpowers do you have? 

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This group is funded by City Bridge Trust.